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Kung may FACEBOOK nung panahon ni RIZAL.... [Aug. 11th, 2009|02:18 am]

Mafia Wars? Barn Buddy?















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FACEBOOK in the time of JOSE RIZAL [Aug. 11th, 2009|01:59 am]


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Summer Blog: Imaginary Trips [Mar. 26th, 2009|08:00 am]

Gaano kaya ka frustrating ang walang summer trip?

OK na sana ang summer..naka-plano na ang lahat!


Puerto Galera with Shella

April 18-20
Batangas Trip w/ TeleTech Peeps

April 30 - May 3
Caramoan Trip w/ HS friends

kaso. sa di inaasahang pagkakataon nag Masteral ako.

 8am - 5pm

Ok lang..tiis mode na lang.
1 summer lang naman at para sa long-term plan yung Masteral ko.

Mag-sswimming na lang ako sa clubhouse...

Sorry Shella. Sana makabawi ako sana maka-alis tayo kahit papaano.

kung hinde man...mag-e-EMO na lang ako!

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Cabdriver who robbed, dragged a student is arrested [Dec. 2nd, 2008|09:35 am]

MANILA, Philippines - The taxi driver who allegedly robbed and dragged a female college student last week finally fell into the hands of authorities on Monday.

Siya yung girl na napapanood natin sa news lagi...itinatago nila sa pangalan na Valerie. Dumating sa presinto yung lalake at na-identify niya na yun mismo yung kumag na driver. Ang malufet pa dito...binago yung body markings ng taxi...abangan na lang natin ang mangyayari sa susunod na kabanata ng BITAG! hahahahhaha




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Moon, Venus, Jupiter on December 1 [Dec. 1st, 2008|10:28 am]

Monday, December 1, 2008.

(4th Anniversary namin...pahirit lang)

Have you noticed the two bright objects low in the west after sunset?
Monday, December 1, 2008.

Have you noticed the two bright objects low in the west after sunset?

They’re Venus and Jupiter, and you’ll find them in a beautiful arrangement with the waxing crescent moon in the evening twilight sky. They’re the brightest lights up after the sun goes down. But remember that all three of these worlds – the moon, Venus and Jupiter – shine by reflecting the sun’s light. Here they are in their order of brightness – the waxing crescent moon- the queen planet Venus – and the king planet Jupiter.

-at mula ito sa isang website...lagi naman e!- =p


***Nakita ko siya pero di ko alam kung ano yun...akala normal lang...Sana meron pa ito bukas...para makita niyo or sana nakita niyo din ngayon.

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About: Pablo Banila (Yes, Pablo Banila has a crush on you hahahaha!) [Dec. 1st, 2008|10:19 am]

The real deal on Pablo Banila

By Bianca Consunji
Philippine Daily Inquirer

The real deal on Pablo Banila. 

Close this NO, he’s not a cyber-stalker. Or a group of psychology students doing a project. Or the government in disguise. Pablo Banila is a real person, but he’s not the crazy lowlife that people thought he was.

When the first Pablo Banila article came out in 2bU two weeks ago, we were swamped with hundreds of letters and blog comments from readers. The sentiments expressed in the mail were varied; they ranged from “Pablo Banila gives me the chills too,” to “He’s a psycho who not only views my Multiply site, but Friendster as well,” to “He’s actually a genius who was just misunderstood.”

Most of the readers were curious about his identity and wanted to know who he was, while a few thought an article about him was a waste of precious newspaper space. “Argh, you gave him more attention!” said a friend, wringing his hands. Another said, “Unbelievable, you made him famous! But in any case, he still gives off bad vibes and he’s still flooding my viewing history page with his gazillion accounts.” A blog reader was more blunt, saying, “Big deal. Slow news day?”

But in either case, Pablo Banila certainly caught your attention—and apparently, the article caught his too, because he e-mailed 2bU to give the real deal on his identity. He had explained his intentions in a UP Multiply blog at http://yoopee.multiply.com/journal/item/4805, but only a handful of internet users knew about it (compared to the millions of sites that he “visited”).

Pablo Banila—Paolo Bantolo in real life—has been called many names in the past couple of months, and a lot of them weren’t too nice. “Creepy” was the first thing that came to mind when Multiply and Friendster users first saw the avatar that showed a guy with matted chin-length hair and a sign that flashed, “Yes, Pablo Banila has a crush on you hahahaha! That’s why he viewed your homepage, cute nun!”

The reactions that the avatar elicited were interesting. Initially, people truly believed that the mysterious Pablo Banila had a crush on them, gender notwithstanding—until they visited his site and realized that they were duped.

“Before I opened up a guestbook, there were three general reactions from three kinds of people,” said Bantolo in an e-mail interview. “First, from the genuinely curious—people asking me if they do know me; in other words, people who did not bother reading my profile, the naked confession of everything I am.”

He added, “[The next were] from the genuinely infatuated—schoolgirls and baby boys telling me that I can be their boyfriend anytime! The rest were people with a sense of humor. Interestingly, most of my most passionate haters honestly believed that I had a crush on them until the grand opening of ‘Pablo Banila’s Never-ending Guestbook Party.’ [Then] they found out it wasn’t only them.”

The truth is, Pablo Banila never really visited every website where his avatar appeared—his bots did. An anonymous reader who identified himself as a retired hacker explained, “Pablo Banila actually is a programmer who uses a program called ‘web crawler.’ Web crawlers were originally used by search engines such as Google and Yahoo to automatically browse web pages on the internet. [This is done so they can] save the data on their database and make an index list of the web pages on the Internet.”

The reader added, “This is all done using a program. A program with a standard DSL connection can browse 10 sites every second, 600 sites every minute and 36,000 sites every hour—roughly 864,000 Multiply sites every day.”

Others who were already in the know admitted that he was a computer genius, if only slightly off his rocker. News that he came from top schools (Bantolo graduated from the Philippine Science High School and went on to study Computer Science at the University of the Philippines Diliman before transferring to New York University; he is currently a graduate student at California Riverside) only fueled the speculations about his being a crazy genius.

Others expressed their admiration and marveled at how he was able to pull off the scheme; others, like Multiply user “emocantbevanity” said, “He’s such a weirdo … why can’t he just get a life or something? Is he that much of a genius, that’s why he became a weirdo? Oh well, moral lesson—don’t be a genius and learn to socialize with other people so you wouldn’t become the country’s biggest weirdo!”

“I never thought of my viewing activity as stalking,” Bantolo said. “It was casual web surfing. What made the difference was my classic welcome message that penetrated the unawareness of the unspoken hope the viewing history promises in an avatar of a Lesbian in Shining Armor. I can honestly say that I wanted to meet new friends, and, ultimately, build a bridge of chance towards my one true love.”

According to Bantolo, he chose Multiply and Friendster “for the high demographic of Filipinos. And because I have not tried making new friends in other networks—but I will! Pretty soon!”

He added, “I wish I could click on millions of headshots for hours in a day, for that would’ve been like playing my favorite game, Counter-Strike; but that’s just impossible in my already inhumane schedule as a working student.”

And as for stalking—as soon as it was established that the only pages “Pablo Banila” visited were the homepages of the sites, which are essentially open to public viewing (as Multiply and Friendster have contacts-only lock options)—his viewing activities can hardly be counted as harassment.

Multiply user “agnestherese” said, “Pablo Banila is hardly a stalker. He only views homepages, not blogs or photos. I think that those who make such a big deal out of it, more specifically all the hate blogs, are self-centered or maybe just hurt when they found out that Pablo Banila has a crush on them … and everyone else.”

“Public domain is public domain,” Bantolo explained. “If they felt harassed in any way, it was because I kept exercising my right to view their public profile.” He further attributed the public’s fear and irritation to his “scarecrow headshot.”

He said, “People read about accusations, libel and death threats against me written on my guestbook. I am hated in exactly the same way other human beings discriminate against blacks, Muslims, and homosexuals.”

Bantolo added, “I performed the same routine using stereotypical images of innocence (young, attractive and female) at the same duration and received virtually no reaction.”

Actually, the entire issue is moot and academic, as “Pablo Banila” has already retired and given up his homepage-viewing days. But many users, unaware of what happened, remained in the dark for the past few weeks. As a final note, Bantolo quoted the California Penal Code’s definition of stalking:

Any person who willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows or harasses another person and makes a credible threat with the intent to place that person in reasonable fear for his or her safety is guilty of the crime of stalking.

“Credible threat” means a verbal or written threat, including that performed through the use of an electronic communication device.

He clarified, “I am not making a ‘credible threat’ nor do I intend to ‘place any person in reasonable fear for his or her safety.’”

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Game Plan: 4th Anniversary... [Nov. 26th, 2008|10:21 am]

It all started in a ring made of "post-it".


Una sa lahat. Hinding-hinde ako nag hahanda sa mga lugar na kakainan namin or kung san man pupunta…


Siguro may ilan-ilan din akong na plan para sa date naming pero halos sa kanya lahat. Dahil busy gf ko sa work ako na ang nag-asikaso ng celebration namin dapat sa December 1 pa kaso may pasok ako nun…kaya napili ko yung 29th sakto sabado at sakto ang dinner para sa celebration


Naisipan ko mag post dahil excited na ako…

pero kinakabahan baka kase maging sablay. Nga pala dito kame pupunta sa Sabado.



Okey na ang lahat... yung simpleng gift ko na lang na pinagawa ko sa barkada ko…

saka ko na lang ilalagay pag may picture na ko. 

 Di ko na din lalagay yung detalye baka ma-bati.....

saka ko na lang ilalagay pag nandiyan na


 wag lang sasablay...at



at Walang plan B...


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First Actual Placement [Nov. 25th, 2008|05:19 pm]



This is a tribute to my first hire in 4 months that accepted the Job Offer.


Out of  80 resumes i submitted to different clients

Out of 9 interviews i got

Out of 2 Job Offers

Only 1 got Hired….




...fcuk noh?





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YouTube: Classic Iverson [Nov. 12th, 2008|05:50 pm]

Classic all i can say...High Shot at Dwight. (is that what you call it? High Shot?)


CLICK HERE to watch.

This is not a porn stuff.





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Bakit hindi CITY ang CAINTA? [Oct. 17th, 2008|03:07 pm]

Naalala ko ito dahil di pa ko nakaka-nood ng sine ulet. Labo ba? Sige linawin natin.

May isa kasing Ad kapag nanonood ka ng sine na pinapalabas ang mga Mayor…Cyempre ako si Mon Ilagan ang ilalaban ko taga-Cainta ata ako!


Nakalipas ang ilang mga mayor wala pa din…AD pala yun ng MMDA.

Nahiritan tuloy ako ng Gf ko na “Province” kase ang Cainta kaya wala dun…


Kunsabagay…pero bakit hinde City ang Cainta?


Naghanap ako sa internet kung ano-ano ang basehan para maging “CITY” ang isang lugar...ito nakita ko at sinagutan.


To name a few:

*Ang nasa asterisk ay ang aking sagot sa hinahanap nilang mga batayan.


• First class public transit

            *Tama! Pero hinde ba puwede i-consider ang MRT 2? Kahit hanggang

Santolan lang? Malapit na din naman yun di ba? Next….


• Mixed-income neighborhoods with houses and flats and apartments and in-laws

            *WANTED BEDSPACER GIRLS ONLY (nakapaskil sa may Village East)

            Kung saan maraming vandal ang 1900.


• Replacement of underutilized and unused, derelict workplaces with new places to live and work and play

             *Yung dating restaurant dun malapit sa Gruar…pinalitan na nila sa katunayan pa nga e isa itong “COLISEUM” Nga pala “Cainta Coliseum” ang tinutukoy ko. Yun nga lang laruan ng mga taong sabongero at siyempre trabaho ng iba na yung nandun o dib a “work and play”ang tema/


 • Neighborhood centers, bringing together open space, schools, libraries, police stations, meeting rooms, and group housing.

             *Medyo marami ito. Isa-isahin natin…Open space? Sa Karangalan…may space parking dun sa may tapat ng K-mart. (puwede na ba yun?)


Schools! (plural) Simulan natin…Meron kaming LA SALLE HIGH ang pagkakabigkas pero ang sa totoo “Rizal High” dun ata nag-aral ang tropa naming si Mac.


ICCT – Isang eklusibong paaralan kung saan may graveyard shift ang mga estudyante.

Lahat ng course nandito magsimula nursing – hrm – IT (sa palengke ) kung saan ang mga mag-aaral ng ICCT ay gumagawa ng program sa bugs at hack sa Ragnarok, Flyff, Cabal atbp. On-line games. (Trivia: Ang eskwelahang ito ay kina Felix. Dating Mayor ng Cainta)


• Dense concentrations of office workers and housing on trunk transit lines.

            *Sa MRT din matatagpuan ito. Yung nga lang ayaw nila i-consider kahit malapit ito sa Cainta.


• Lively downtown and neighborhood commercial districts with sidewalk cafes and street vendors.

            *Downtown Karangalan. Vista Verde commercial districts at Mugs and Wash Café ( tama ba? ) malapit sa Sta. Lucia. Street Vendors? Sa Junction pa lang sari-sari na!


• Well-designed and maintained public parks and plazas

            *Munisipyo Plaza kung saan maraming nag-da-date tuwing Linggo.

            * Park – Park 128 ngayon at Park 88 ( Village East )


 • Quality public schools

            * LA SALLE HIGH! ( Rizal High sa Karangalan ) Kung saan nag-wa-1-2-3 ang mga estudyante pag-uwian na…sanay na nga ang mga jeep na nasasakyan ko.


• Close-by ballparks, stadiums and arenas

            *Closed ballparks! Hinde lang closed may cage pa…dun yata kame sumali dati. Matatagpuan ito sa Karangalan ulet.

            *Stadiums? Alangya! COLISEUM pa kamo! CAINTA COLISEUM!!!

            *Arenas? Louie Arenas ng Blitzkrieg


• Mixed-use restaurant/retail/theater/ office and residential projects

            *Tropical ( Good life – Genie – ) Theater at office na din…may pagkain din dun at may kasama pang masahe. Residential? Dun na rin mismo kung saan tumitira ang mga kinakain ng mga taong nagbabayad sa food nila.


• Neighborhoods with old buildings and new buildings, and the natural mix of users and incomes that implies

            *Ang building sa Sta.Lucia Mall may lumang Sta.Lu at bagong Sta.Lu…teka napag-isip tuloy ako sa Cainta ba ang Sta.Lu? Pede na bang i-consider yun since malapit lng din naman sa Cainta?


• Widen sidewalks and a comprehensive bike network.

            *Malawak ang daan sa Imelda Ave.

            *Bike Network – Mga bikers na nagsisirampa sa may Caltex malapit sa Buenes.


Nasagot ko na ang mga batayan ng isang “CITY”.




Kayo na humusga kung Bakit hindi pa CITY ang CAINTA...



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